US F-1 Student Visa Guide

US F-1 Student Visa Guide

US Student Visa Guide

Chosen US has your study destination? If Yes, then this Guide is for you!

Let’s get you ready for your US student visa.

Start your visa process preparation in the below priority order

  • Financials – Financial documents is the most important when it comes to a student visa. Get ready with your funds to study in US and show the same to the Visa officer.
  • Academics – Keep all your original academic mark sheets ready to show the visa officer.
  • Completed and submitted visa application.
  • I-20’s of all the Universities you hold an offer.


Let’s understand about F-1 student visa before moving further:

F-1 student visa

This is a non-immigrant visa granted for a maximum of five years for international students. Students who plan to study in US-based universities are issued an F-1 student visa.


  •  Flap 1: US Visa Interview Appointment Letter

                        Bank Payment Receipt

                        Original Passport + Photocopy of 1st & last page.

                        I-20 Original Letter and Scholarship Letter

                        Proof of Sevis payment of $350.

                        DS 160 Confirmation Page Printout.


  • Flap 2: GRE/GMAT + TOEFL/IELTS/PTE Score Sheet


  • Flap 3: Provisional Degree Certificate + 4 years Marksheet

                       12th Class Marksheet + Board Certificate

                       10th Class Marksheet + Board Certificate


  • Flap 4: Work Experience Certificate (Current + Previous Employer) +

                       Visiting Card of the company.


  • Flap 5: Income Tax Returns of Father for last year 3 years

                       Income Tax Returns of Mother for last year 3 years

                       Income Tax Returns of Firm / Company for last year 3 years

                       (Any business proof)


  • Flap 6: Balance Sheet & Computation of Income of Parents / Firm or Company for last 3 years, Form No. 16 of last 3 years (for salaried person)
  • Flap 7: Saving Accounts Bank Passbooks of parents/sponsors + Bank Balance Certificate

                        Any other proof for recent bank entries in the saving account.

                        PPF Passbook

  • Flap 8: Fixed Deposit Receipts, EPF / GPF / CPF Post Office Deposit - Monthly Income Scheme, Recurring Deposit.
  • Flap 9: LIC Surrender Value Quotations, NSC, KVP
  • Flap 10: Valuation Report of the Immovable Properties. (Optional- rarely needed) (for ex. Residential House, Open Plot, Agricultural Land)
  • Flap 10: Non Acceptable Funds : (Optional) only should be taken if the financial Shares or Debentures.
  • Flap 11: Acceptance and Rejection Letter of all the Universities applied 
  • Last Flap 12: Financial Summary / Statement


Interview Questions asked in F-1 student visa

Prepared for the  F-1 student visa interview? This is the point that can make or break your career. F-1 student visa interview are usually taken lightly which puts students at risk of rejection. Hence here’s a list of probable questions you might get asked. Remember, this is only an indicative set of questions as to what an interviewer asks you and also depends on your individual profile. 

  1. Why have you picked this University in the US?
  2. Why have you chosen this course of study in the US?
  3. How many Universities did you apply to?
  4. Why not choose the same course and study in your own country?
  5. Do you have friends/relations in the US?
  6. Who’s sponsoring your education
  7. What is the professional background of your sponsor?
  8. Have you received any financial aid?
  9. What are your career goals on the completion of this course?
  10. Why should you be granted the visa?

Preparation before the interview will help you face the interviewer confidently and avoid any nervousness during the interview.





·         Wear Formals


·         Don’t show up wearing casual clothing


·         Wear mild, pastel colors


·         Avoid crumpled wear


·         Ensure your clothes are wrinkle-free


·         Avoid lenses if your passport picture has                  glasses.


·         Look elegant and Professional

·         Avoid strong perfumes