Duolingo English Test

Duolingo English Test

Duolingo English Test

What Is Duolingo English Test?

The Duolingo English Test assesses all english language skills such as Reading, Writing, Speaking, And Listening, The way you normally learn and practice english language helps you prepare for the test. This might include watching movies in English, Talking to your friends, reading newspapers & magazines, and practicing writing. In addition, there are a lot of great free resources. Without any appointment, Duolingo English Test can be taken from home on demand online.

What Types Of Questions are given in The Duolingo English Test?

The Exam Portion of Duolingo English Test consists of series of speaking, reading, writing, and listening exercises. This portion Is graded.

 A video interview and writing sample are present in the second, ungraded portion of the exam. One of the two prompts offered can be responded by the test taker in each section.

  • Depending on the english proficiency of the test taker, the test duration can be taken anywhere from 45 minutes and 1 hour.
  • A video interview and writing sample are integrated in the test which are sent to the Institution along with the Proficiency Score.
  • It costs $49 and the results can be obtained in 48 Hours.
  • Candidates must have a computer with a functioning microphone, speakers and a Webcam.
  • Candidates must have the latest version of either Google Chrome Or the Opera Browser installed on their Pcs.
  • The recommended Internet connection speed should support downloads at 2 Mbps and uploads at 1 Mbps.

 Candidates need to have their Original Passport with them as they need to take a picture of the same at the beginning Of the test.

 Test Rules

  • No Headphones are permitted.
  • Candidates cannot use a Pen. Note Taking Is Not Allowed.
  • The ears of the candidates must be visible throughout the test duration.
  • Candidates are not allowed to look away from the computer screen Or talk to anyone during the test.
  • All Browser add-ons must be disabled.
  • Candidates cannot leave the test window during the test. 

The Test Scores Candidates On A Scale From 10 - 160. Higher The Score, Higher The English Proficiency Level.

The Universities Will Generally Require A Score Of 120+

Score Comparisons Duolingo English Test                              IELTS    

95-100                                                                                          6

105-110                                                                                       6.5

115-120                                                                                         7

125-130                                                                                       7.5

135-140                                                                                        8

145-150                                                                                       8.5

155-160                                                                                         9

  • The Scores are valid for 2 years from the declaration of results.
  • Currently, It is not possible to get a pdf scorecard. You can access your scores only by logging into your account.
  • Score reporting is free and a candidate can send his scores to any number of institutes.
  • Yes, the test can be taken Any Number of Times But Not More Than 2 times in a 30 days window.
  • The system will try to submit the test 5 times. If the test fails to upload due to network issues, the candidate will be offered another chance to appear for the test.
  • If you could not complete your test due to network issues, the retest is free of cost.

For Booking your Duolingo English Test - https://englishtest.duolingo.com/