Unique study abroad courses which have great demand in the future

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Unique study abroad courses which have great demand in the future

Unique study abroad courses which have great demand in the future

With the job market around the globe getting saturated in various fields, students are looking for unique course options which provide a great career with higher pay and demand. Below are a few unique study abroad program options that are in great demand.

1. Cybersecurity and ethical hacking

The ethical hacking program comes into the picture due to the demand for experts in the field of increasing cyber-attacks and security risks. The cybersecurity professionals who analyze the networks and structures to find security vulnerabilities and prevent them accordingly for various organizations is known as an ethical hacker. These graduate holders draw an annual salary on a higher scale with an average of 10L pa. Since they help to prevent cyber attacks and security risks, these kinds of hacking are completely legal.

 2. Bioinformatics

The interdisciplinary field that combines biology and computer science in the upcoming fields of biosciences is Bioinformatics. Analyzing the variations and the expressions in the human gene, and using data to analyze protein sequences is the responsibility of Bioinformaticians.

 3. Ecotechnology

To work in the sustainable development field, one will require to have adequate knowledge and skill. Eco-technology will provide you with the relevant knowledge related to environmental and natural resources from a sustainability point of view.

4. Urban design and planning

Urban design and planning is a field of architecture that mainly focuses on creational functional, sustainable, and appealing city plans & designs. It deals with the arrangement and the designs for groups of buildings, streets, and other public spaces, neighborhoods, districts, cities as a whole, and more to address the issues of the human settlement.

 5. Econometrics

Econometrics is a unique study that allows students to use statistical methods to anticipate and estimate economic policies. This course is ideal for students who would like to pursue a career as an economist or econometrician, in a variety of industries

 6. Dance Therapy

Passionate about dancing? Then dance therapy is the perfect blend of dancing and plan on evolving to a career. The emotional state of people can be modified using dance as a medium to help reduce stress, etc. Dance therapy was also therapeutic to psychiatric participants and those who are emotionally disturbed.

7. Gemology

Gemology (the scientific study of gems) is the program to gain more knowledge for the students and the people already associated with or desirous of entering the field of gem industry as importers, manufacturers. It is a part of studying, cutting, and valuing precious stones that requires precision and distinct artistic abilities. The annual income of gemology jobs starts in the range of $30,000 per year and varies accordingly depending on the position and job locations, some may reach six figures for people with additional experience.

8. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

A career in data science and AI was reported to be one of the most high-paying jobs. Data Science and AI, have become the two most important sought-after technologies in today’s time. The operations in the field of Data science uses artificial intelligence. The decisions related to almost everything about the organization are now relying on data. Based on the data companies now make better services and products, enhancement and modification, elimination and addition of different things, etc. The field of Data Science and AI has a vast number of opportunities and also is a fast-growing market.