Gear up for PTE

Gear up for PTE


PTE is a Computer Based Test, easy for anyone to crack, with flexible test dates available it is convenient for Test Takers to choose their slot.

It is a one day test, lasting for 3 hours.

The results will be out in 5 working days.

PTE is more reliable, practical, easier and convenient for test takers, since it is fully a computerized test. Scores range up to 90 for each module.

PTE comprises of four modules

Speaking & Writing together (70-90 minutes)

Reading (35-40 minutes)

Listening (45–50 minutes)

The Speaking starts with a personal introduction, followed by

  • Read Aloud: A small text will be given you need to read aloud the same into the microphone in      40 seconds (around 6 will be given)
  • Repeat Sentence: You will hear to a sentence & you need to repeat the same (10 sentences can be expected)
  • Describe Image: Picture of a pie-chart, table, diagram etc., you need to describe in detail the image given (6-7 images will be given).
  • Re-Tell Lecture: You will hear to a lecture on a topic & asked to retell in your own words (3 lectures can be expected).
  • Answer Short Question: A question will be asked for which you need to give a short phrase or a word.

The Writing Section has two parts

  • Summarize Written Text (10 minutes): you need to summarize in one sentence , starting with capitals and ending with a full stop( in between  you need use punctuations )around 2 texts can be expected ( 5 – 70 words)
  • Essay (20 minutes): A general essay topic will be given , in 20 minutes you need to write an essay around 200-300 words.

In the reading section you have

  • Multiple choice – choose single answer (this is a MCQ section, you read a text, with options given, you need to choose one correct answer) 2-3 questions can be given
  • Multiple choice - choose multiple answers (a MCQ section, you need to choose more than one correct answer) 2-3 can be given(-1 for incorrect answer).
  • Re-order paragraphs: A text will be given divided into paragraphs in jumbled order; you need to drag the paragraph & put in the correct order.
  • Fill in the blanks: A sentence will be given with multiple blanks; you need to choose the right word for each blank.
  • Reading & Writing: fill in the blanks: here a sentence with blanks will be given with drop down list options; you need to choose the right word from each list and complete the text.

Finally in the Listening section, which begins with?

  • Summarize Spoken Test: A short lecture will be heard and you need to write a summary based on the lecture ( 50-70 words)
  • Multiple choice - choose multiple answers: you will listen to a record on any academic subject, you will be given multiple options & you need to choose more than one answer (2-3 questions)(-1 for incorrect answer).
  • Multiple choice - choose single answer: here you will have to choose one answer to each question based on the recording you hear (2-3 questions).
  • Highlight incorrect summary: You have to choose the best summary of the 3-4 paragraphs give related to the recording (2-3 recordings).
  • Fill in the blanks: you will listen to a recording and read a transcription of the recording with blanks; you need to type the missing word you hear (2-3 can be given).
  • Select missing word: A record will be played, you need to listen carefully and after the beep you have to replace a word or a group of words.
  • Highlight incorrect words: You will read a transcription of a recording that you will be listening, which will have few deliberate errors; you need to click on the words that do not match the recording.
  • Write from dictation: You hear to a sentence and write the sentence exactly as you hear with correct spellings.

Consistent practice is required, plenty of Mock tests available online (paid & free tests).

Familiarize yourself with the test pattern, practice with time & you will be able to get your required score.

Best of luck to the Test Takers