Study Abroad in Germany | Low tuition, quality education, and career opportunities

Study in GERMANY

Study Abroad in Germany | Low tuition, quality education, and career opportunities

Study Abroad in Germany | Low tuition, quality education, and career opportunities

All thanks to the low fee & high-quality education in Germany which is the attracting factor for all the international students who wants to pursue their higher studies in the field of engineering, technology or mathematics, choose Germany!

Germany is an ideal location for those looking to study engineering, sciences, or management and also have the determination to a bit German language. Germany is known to be the home for some of the top universities in the world offering quality education along with cutting-edge research. Germany offers low tuition fees, has friendly PR policies, and ample job opportunities.

Keep reading to know all about education in Germany.

Is it true that masters in Germany are FREE!

Yes, the public universities in Germany offer quality education for free to all students. Though the tuition is free, there might be an administrative fee of 250euros to 1000euros per semester which is still reasonable

Germany also includes private universities; however, you will have to pay the tuition fees accordingly.

Though most programs are free in Germany, a few business and management-related courses bear a fixed amount of tuition to their students.

Top reasons to pick Germany

Germany welcomes thousands of international students every year. Below are the reasons for attracting international students:

  • Students interested in courses like mechanical engineering, civil engineering, automotive engineering, computer science engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, and the specialization courses in the above-mentioned fields of engineering find the right quality education in Germany.
  • Germany offers 18months of stay back period after graduation.
  • Germany has one of the highest employment ratios. Hence you are most likely to be employed within 2-3 months after graduating.
  • Great research opportunities.
  • Germany is Europe’s richest economy making it one of the most stable places for career opportunities.
  • Germany is also a safe country for immigrants who make it another reason to consider studying and living here.

Cost of studying in Germany

As already known the tuition fee is very low in public universities. However, like informed earlier there may be an administrative fee of about 250 euros every semester. Studying at a private university in Germany may cost you anywhere between 4000 to 20000 euros depending on the university and the course.

Below are the various ranges of expenses:

Tuition fees:

Public universities: 250 euros to 620 euros Tuition fees/Administrative fees

Private universities: 4,000 euros and 20,000 euros tuition fees.

Cost of living:

The average cost to live in Germany is around 850 euros to 1000 euros per month. The student will incur average living expenses of around 850 euros to 1000 euros per month and is completely dependent on the location of stay.

One way to make up for your living expenses is by working in a part-time job. Germany allows 20 hours per week part-time on a student visa.

Is German Language Proficiency Required?

It is recommended to learn the language and be proficient up to the A2 level. This will definitely help you in the day to day life and for basic communication off-campus. Also if you are looking to work in Germany after graduation, learning the language will help you fetch a job easily.

However, it is not mandatory to learn German if you are applying to English taught program.

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