Statement of Purpose (SOP)

statement of purpose

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Statement of Purpose

Countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Italy, etc have an increasing number of scholars. Due to this factor students are increasingly interested in studying abroad in the above-said countries so that they can learn from eminent minds and scholars. Statement of Purpose is an essay that’s one of the most important criteria of your application because it gives information to the admission committee about you, the reason you’re applying, why you’re a good candidate, and future foresight. It’s also known as an SOP letter, application essay, letter of intent, objectives for graduate study, cover letter, or something similar to one of these.

 Your grades and overall profile could also support admission to a University. However, for admissions purposes, some universities still require you to write an essay (Statement of Purpose). Sometimes a couple of 1200-word long essays are written for an SOP. Please check for your preferred university guidelines. You must pay special attention to it as it's the foremost important part of your documents. Chances of securing a seat at the university are dependent on the SOP.

 Below is the general structure of SOP to be followed

1st Section

 Introduction + Origin/ back story on choosing Course Program

2nd Section

 Describe knowledge attained in Bachelors in detail 

3rd Section

 Projects/ Internship/ Accomplishments/ Skills acquired/ Work Experience 

4th Section

 “Why Masters? Why not India? 

5th Section

 Why that particular country? Why that university?” 

6th Section

 Conclusion: - Post study Goals = Return to India > Career Goals: Designation/ Salary/ Companies 


Writing an SOP for universities requires you to write down thoroughly about your past experiences, highlighting the bits that are in line with the course that you are applying for. Universities are searching for students who can blend into their environment. SOP will provide you with an advantage over other students if you're able to compose your diversified experiences within the SOP.

One important thing that you should clarify in your SOP (Statement of Purpose) is the reason why you chose a country for your studies over other countries. There'll be two points to the content, i.e. why you chose a country and why you chose that university. Give a convincing reason for both in your SOP to satisfy the admissions committee.

Lastly, for students aspiring for admission into an overseas university, it's vital that you have written the SOP in simple and proper grammar. Crisp & short sentences delivering a clear message will make your SOP a pleasant read.