Points to be considered for Study Abroad Research

Study Abroad

Points to be considered for Study Abroad Research

Planning to Study Abroad? Here are the list of points to research upon :-

Duration of  Study – In a few countries the duration of study maybe shorter for the same set curriculum, Similarly a few countries have longer duration of study. Example: Most graduate programs in UK is for a duration of 1 year whereas in USA the graduate programs are usually for a duration of 2 years.

Admission Requirements – Different countries have different admissions requirements. Admissions depend on previous academic program, percentage, etc. Know the admission requirements to check the eligibility. If the credentials are on the borderline, student can still give it a try as there may be high chances of getting an offer.

Application Deadline – Depending on the country and course, the course intake dates will defer widely. Choose the right intake suitable and apply before the application deadline.

Conditional or Unconditional Offer Letter – If you are on the verge of finishing your studies, check if the university or college issues a conditional offer. Majority of the universities issue conditional offer but there may always be an exception.

Tuition Fee – Depending on the Ranking, Course, Country, the tuition fee varies widely varies. Be sure to know the tuition fees accordingly.

Cost of living – The cost of living is directly dependent on the destination of country and city. Know the expenses you would incur during your studies on living expense. Also be sure know about the accommodation options available (On – Campus or Off- Campus Accomodation), this will help you to calculate the expenses incurred on stay.

Scholarship details – Students should check for the availability of scholarship offered by the Universities. Also be informed that there might be a lot of other scholarships offered from Government and certain private organizations. Make sure to learn about all the scholarship details.

Internship - Few Universities offer integrated programs with internships which is an effective way to gain work experience before the completion of your course.

Placement – Pursuing a course with work integrated placement option can boost your employment propects. Work experience gained here can help you connect with the industry and expose you to more opportunities.

Part time jobs – Majority of the international study destinations allow students to work as part time employees. This could benefit student by helping them reduce the cost on living and other miscellaneous expenses.

Post Study Opportunities – International student destination countries usually offer post study stay back period. Longer stay back periods means more time the student could remain in the study country to enroll into an internship or look for a job.