MALTA as a Study Destination

MALTA as a Study Destination

Positioned in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, South of Europe, MALTA is a one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Malta is a part of European Union.

Malta being a popular tourist destination, Now is a preferred study abroad destination as well.

Why choose Malta as a study destination?

  1. English is an official Language : Maltese and English are the two official languages. However, Malta is an English speaking country and  is a well known place to study English and pursue higher education.
  2. Low tuition fee and cost of living : Compare to the other European union countries, the cost of study and living is relatively low and affordable.
  3. Quality Education : Well-accomplished education system which follows the british curriculum. Education systems are in line with European qualitions framework, hence the institutions are internationally recognized.
  4. Safe Country : Malta is one of the safest countries in the world with low crime rate.
  5. Rich Culture and outdoor activities : There are various historical centers, shows and legacy destinations scattered over all the islands. Malta has various activities such as rock climbing, hiking, watersports, soccer, cruising or fair lying on the shoreline. Diving in Malta is uniquely exciting, as the marine life within the Maltese waters is a few of the foremost different and colorful within the Mediterranean.
  6. Climate : With a normal Mediterranean climate recognized by brief winters and long, hot summers with cooling ocean breezes, Malta is an perfect spot for all those who need to enjoy the outside in their free time.

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