Letter Of Recommendation: Why you need it & How to Write it?

Letter of Recommendation

Letter Of Recommendation: Why you need it & How to Write it?

Letter Of Recommendation:

Why you need it & How to Write it?

Crafting a letter of recommendation can be tiresome, especially when the student you’re writing it for is counting on you to crack their dream university!

To write a letter of recommendation which is personalized, comprehensive, and truly does justice to the person you are writing it for is tedious and involves a lot of thought process.

However, there is a basic format or procedure which can be used to draft a recommendation letter that is effective and professional. Hence, we are here to help you in writing the perfect LOR with all the necessary components and steps.

Why Letters of Recommendation are Important?

The admissions team in the Universities emphasizes that their process is comprehensive, hence they seek to gain a sense of the student as a “whole person” rather than focusing only on their academics and test scores. Since the admissions team rarely meets a student especially in the case of international admissions, a recommendation letter along with the statement of purpose illuminates a student’s intellectual and personal qualities.

That's why recommendation letters carry a great deal of weight in applications when recommended by teachers who know their students well. A recommendation letter highlighting a student's impressive academic and personal strengths plays a huge role in a student’s chances of admission.

Components of a Recommendation Letter

The Letter of Recommendation should consist of the below three key components:

  • A sentence or a paragraph describing how you know the person and the time span of your relationship with them.
  • An evaluation of the person describing their accomplishments or skills in brief. If possible offer specific examples that showcase the person’s qualifications and strengths.
  • An explanation that describes why and to what degree do you recommend this person.

The point to be remembered is that no one wants a lengthy and complicated LOR. Try keeping the LOR a page long max nothing more than that. They just need to know that the person in the recommendation is worth the trust.

How to write a Recommendation Letter

Below is a format that can be followed in order to make the LOR strong and compelling.

  • Should be printed on a letterhead with the contact information - A professional LOR should be preferably printed on a Letterhead of the institution of the recommender.
  • Use salutation - The letter should address the person or body of people you write to. Avoid using salutations such as “To whom it may concern”.
  • Introduction: Relationship between the recommender and the applicant
  • Characteristics of the Applicant, The Academic, Personal, or Professional Achievements - Highlight all the academic and personal strengths of the applicant by adding examples to showcase the same.
  • Conclusion - Summarize your recommendation of the applicant and encourage the reader to contact you in case of any questions
  • Signatures - Make sure to include the recommender’s signature, name, title, phone number, and email address