Ireland for International Students | Why International Students should study in Ireland

Reasons to Study in Ireland

Ireland for International Students | Why International Students should study in Ireland

Ireland for International Students | Why International Students should study in Ireland

Growing to become one of Europe’s wealthiest economies, Ireland is also growing to become one of the world’s top countries for higher education. The high quality of education built on a solid foundation of commitment to excellence is drawing the International Students towards Ireland and this quality education is also the main contributing factor for the rapid growth in the economy.

Ireland is a beautiful island located on the westernmost edge of Europe. The history, culture, entertainment, and adventure fabricate the republic of Ireland into a fascinating place. Ireland is the home for many reputed universities with a high standard of education.

Top reasons to study in Ireland:-

  • The Quality of Education

Ireland holds a high reputation for its standard of education & has one of the best education systems in the world. The Irish education system is known to provide great research opportunities as well. Ireland prioritizes education and studying there will be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge at some of the finest institutions.

  • Ample of Program Choices

Irish universities offer degree programs in all possible disciplines. The extensive course options available are a reason for international students to prefer Ireland for their higher education. Some fields of study in which Ireland is recognized on a global scale are technology, pharmaceutical, finance & business.

  • English speaking country

Ireland being an English-speaking country is another top reason to study here. Since language is not a barrier students can excel in their academics and also survive there with ease.

  • Carrier opportunities

With the booming economy, Ireland is the home for many leading Multi-National companies. Ireland is the European head office for many IT companies. Due to the low tax rates, Ireland attracts many foreign direct investments. It is believed that Ireland has about a 98% employment ratio especially in the field of IT and an international student graduating in Ireland is usually employed within a span of 2-3 months post-graduation.

  • Safety

One factor which is of great concern to many international students is safety and Ireland is known to be one of the safest and friendliest countries in the world for international students. Ireland is ranked in the top 20 countries for peace and safety.

  • Post-study work visa

Ireland offers up to 2 years of post-study work visa for masters and up to 1 year for bachelors program. This advantage helps the student to remain back in the country begin their careers.

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